Sasha Weedowitch

I am Sasha Weedowitch, the founder of the Homeostatic System Research Group, Homeostatica. Initially, my focus was on studying the medicinal effects of cannabis. In pursuit of understanding these effects, I delved into the intricacies of the endocannabinoid system. However, as my knowledge expanded, I uncovered a more profound system to which the endocannabinoid system belongs—a concept I termed the organless physiological Homeostatic system, in collaboration with my colleague Stefan Broselid, PhD.
Drawing from my background in mental health nursing and psychosocial rehabilitation, I recognized the significant connection between this system and stress and trauma, and how it influences both mental and physical health. This realization prompted me to develop the Homeostatic {Mental} Health Model and the Homeostatic Rehabilitation from Stress and Trauma (HRST) method.
While both approaches are firmly supported by scientific evidence, I believe there is still much to explore. Therefore, I have assembled a team of excellent professionals to form this research group and further our understanding in this field.

How stress and trauma impact homeostasis and our health?

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